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Being in the Student Investment Fund for many of us was the highlight of our education at the University of Utah.  You will be exposed to numerous new things; do not be afraid to try them and have fun along the way.  Cherish the friends you make as they can last a lifetime.
Undergraduate Team
I wholeheartedly believe SCI was one of the main reasons I landed a summer internship with a major investment bank. It taught me skills with real-world application and pushed me to further my critical thinking ability.
I cannot thank you enough for the exposure and experience I have gained in your integrative experience class. I now have a position I love with a six figure salary.  Your class was singled out by my employer as the major factor in my selection to my current position. The ability to use the skills required to work in a consulting role is highly valued and your class gave me an edge.   Thank you so much.
I obtained 3 awesome employment interviews as a direct result of my experience and the opportunity to have it listed on the top of my resume!
Not only did the Student Consulting Initiative give me real world consulting experience that I was able to talk about in job interviews, but it also taught me skills and techniques that real consultants use when analyzing a business. Even if I never become a management consultant, I will certainly use those techniques in my business career.

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